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i-Clean Customers Include: HSBC, NHS, The Co-Operative, AXA Insurance, RIBA, UK IPO, Meadowhall, Imperial College, Capita, EON, Dairy Crest, Greater London Authority, Institute of Education, Church of Latter Day Saints, MEPC, MACE, Loughborough University

Controlling the costs

Module 2


Financial summary

The extended building summary report details complete financial breakdown and analysis of total anticipated cleaning costs for the workplace. Measurable criteria include:

average task productivity rate by area and building comparison of existing schedule against recommended schedule
total cost per sq m generic product identification
total cost per area anticipated cleaning product costs and their associated usage
total cost per area type recommended pay rates determined by geographic location
total cost by task    

The financial summary calculates total costs of cleaning in accordance with recognised industry standards and can be used to benchmark them by task, area or other buildings. Having data provided in this way enables detailed analysis of different cleaning schedules and provides an ideal tool to measure costs against quality for determining best value.

Taking hygiene to a higher level through innovation
We can offer advice on best practice procedures and can specify and develop whole life costing of innovative cleaning products to meet the needs of fast changing business environments.

Detailed financial analysis can be drawn relating to usage of different types of generic equipment that can impact on cleaning frequency, efficiency and budgets.