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i-Clean Customers Include: HSBC, NHS, The Co-Operative, AXA Insurance, RIBA, UK IPO, Meadowhall, Imperial College, Capita, EON, Dairy Crest, Greater London Authority, Institute of Education, Church of Latter Day Saints, MEPC, MACE, Loughborough University

Specialist evaluation of cleaning service provision

Tender Management

The i-Clean system is able to provide a full review of the workplace cleaning function in accordance with industry standards and best practice procedures.

Once completed, this evaluation can assist organisations in an objective assessment of new and existing suppliers. It ensures best value and provides them with an internationally recognized
standard for benchmarking those contractors invited to tender for outsourced cleaning services. The evaluation can be performed against a variety of criteria and encourages pricing transparency.

The i-Clean tender management process

Identification of exact and detailed cleaning specification to include survey measurements and time expectancies
Performance level benchmarking criteria
Evaluation cost parameters
Preparation of tender documentation
Pre selection/screening of potential contractors
Procurement service - issue and evaluation of tenders
Contract implementation and monitoring

i-Clean’s suite of tender management services for clients is fully supported by regular reviews at every process stage.

We aim to help ensure the improvement of cleaning contract quality, delivery of consistent service, and adherence to health & safety and environmental requirements.