i-Clean achieves average 33% improvements

i-Clean Systems has achieved its most significant efficiency improvement results following its latest analysis of customer projects. The quarterly results show that the most significant client improvement opportunity was 59%, the least significant was 5% and the average was 33%, based on the last 10 efficiency reviews up to and including October 2010. The analysis covers both in-house and contracted provision with an average budget, or contract value, of £292,000 per annum.

Commenting on the results, Managing Director Mike Boxall said 'it's unsurprising, given the current economic environment, that the main customer priority is still to reduce costs. However, as a consequence of this, many clients are looking to deliver improvements using their existing cleaning contractor or in-house team to avoid the time and expense involved changing from one to another. These results clearly show the untapped opportunities available to deliver a better service for less cost, regardless of how it is delivered'

To download the full analysis please.click here For more information regarding the i-Clean efficiency review process please contact the Customer Services Team on 01684 580680