Hospitals should deep survey for a lasting result, not just deep clean, urges Midlands firm.

Hospitals should adopt working techniques which can sustain best practice, once the deep clean called for by the Prime Minister is completed, according to i-Clean Systems Ltd, whose cleaning management system was the first to be approved by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. The Worcestershire-based company has completed surveys of the cleaning arrangements of several NHS trusts.

The i-CleanTM Cleaning Management System uses benchmarking techniques to assess cleaning service levels, review resources, and look at new ways of carrying out cleaning tasks. Its use in Worcestershire NHS Trusts led to recalculations of the resource needed in various risk areas.

"Our survey in the Worcestershire NHS Trusts highlighted the variations in cleaning cost between different risk areas - a low risk situation needing £9 a sq metre, say, compared to £50 in a high risk area," comments Mike Boxall, managing director of i-Clean Systems. "As a result, the Trusts had a fact-based formula with which they could plan and manage their cleaning operations.

"As well as examining the overall standard of cleanliness, our audit process looks at factors such as management support, staffing levels, training provision, and methods and equipment," Mr Boxall continues. "This approach can ensure the maintenance of cleanliness through appropriate periodic cleaning - and encourage continuous improvement in cleaning standards."

Further information on the i-CleanTM Cleaning Management System is obtainable through the website, or by telephoning the company on 01684 580680.