Lord (Digby) Jones applauds the award of efficient contracts

Lord Jones of Birmingham, a former trade minister with the Brown government, has expressed his admiration that i-Clean Systems Ltd has helped to implement cleaning contracts worth some £100 million in three years - including in Britain's high-earning, creative industries sector.

Lord Jones has described the company, in which he is an investor, as a pioneer in bringing transparent, independent standards to the provision of cleaning services. "Now, we see i-Clean Systems Ltd providing solutions in Britain's creative industries sector, whose output exceeds one-fifth of the world's total," he remarks.

"We have Europe's largest architecture industry, thanks to the global reputation for fine design won by its members," Lord Jones continues. "More than that, the profession's UK body is demonstrating a comparable excellence in business management by using the i-Clean® Cleaning Management System."

Very different types of organisation have been helped by the company in the preparation of tender documentation, the selection of potential contractors and/or in the implementation of cleaning contracts. Examples are London's City Hall and King's and BSix Colleges, the Co-op, CGGVeritas and some Worcestershire NHS Trusts, in addition to the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The company's task-based i-Clean® Cleaning Management System, which includes benchmarking technique, brings an objective and holistic approach to the assessment of service levels and review of resources and methods for the provision of cleaning in any organisation. It is the first to be licensed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

For those employing in-house cleaners the i-Clean system offers support, also, by providing management and training tools, and by keeping users up-to-date with changing legislation and health & safety requirements.

More information on the i-Clean® Cleaning Management System is obtainable through the website www.i-clean.info, or by telephoning the company on 01684 580680.